Jewelry Joyce puts the bling in spring

News-DemocratApril 28, 2013 

Jewelry Joyce will help you accessorize.

The Millstadt super salesperson is a rep with Premier Designs, a Dallas-based home show business. Her SUV license plate is "Bling On." She travels with a compartmentalized suitcase of necklaces, bracelets, pins, earrings and a mannequin named Mandy.

"I paid $5 for my mannequin," Joyce Korobey, 45, said of the neck and shoulders on a stick. "My friend's husband stuck a rod on her. I bring Mandy to shows."

That's where Jewelry Joyce is in her element.

"I like people. They are entertaining, You never know what's going to happen."

Shelly Stines, of Shiloh, occasionally hosts or attends a jewelry party.

"I love the jewelry and I love Joyce," said Shelly, 38. "She's hilarious, fun, personable, vibrant, and makes for a good, fun girls time.

"I'm not even a huge jewelry person. I'm a sweatpants, ponytail, hat kind of girl. I"ve bought a lot that's simple, but looks good with what I am wearing. People think, 'I don't care about jewelry.' I was that person, too. She showed me ways to make it work."

Shelly recently bought a glass bead necklace of different colors and shapes.

"It's a fun piece that matches almost anything I wear."

That day, Jewelry Joyce wore a three-quarter sleeve white denim jacket (a Goodwill find) over an orange top with a couple bracelets, and necklaces of different lengths.

"I like three-quarter sleeves. They make you look thin. They draw attention up. Longer necklaces elongate you. They make you look taller and slimmer. Then, I better get three or four necklaces."

Mannekin Mandy wore a V-neck white T-shirt. Joyce dressed her up, pairing a leopard-print blouse with necklace of varied-size clear and brown-tone beads. Red beads or pink looked good with a zebra print jacket, another one of Jewelry Joyce's thrift shop deals.

"It's all about color this spring and summer," said Joyce who hosts an average of six shows a month. "Put a pop of pink on this and wowzer. For me, the fun thing about business is letting friends play in my jewelry. Women love bonding over bling."

Before she became Jewelry Joyce, she was a landlord, a bartender and business woman. She and her sister Janet Brown ("my favorite sister; my only sister") managed The Perfect Moment bridal shop in downtown Belleville for eight years.

Visit Jewelry Joyce at her home in Millstadt and you'll not only get a lesson on accessorizing, you'll meet her 12-year-old niece, Jody, her cat, Marshall, and her dog, Diesel. You'll learn what a Pizzazz by Presto does (It's a countertop rotating pizza oven.) and hear a little about her hero, dad Wes Jewsbury, who died two years ago. You may even get to see her walk-in closet.

"I love my walk-in closet," she said, leading the way. "The only bad thing is I have to share it with my husband (Bill)."

How did you get into the jewelry business? "I liked jewelry. I used to buy a lot of jewelry at a certain store. I just went to a jewelry show. I met my Premier (rep). She shared the business with me. Women love jewelry. Here we are almost seven years later. The only way I could go wrong is if I didn't go out and work it. It's challenging and simple."

Do you think twice about what jewelry you put on? "You are always mindful of your accessories. I look at accessories like home furnishings. You don't move into a house and not put anything on the wall. Why would you leave the house and not decorate yourself? Believe me, when they are checking out the bling, they are not checking out the wing (loose skin on your arm). ...

"Jewelry attracts people like bees to honey. Whenever I'm out and about, someone will say, 'I love your necklace' or 'I love your earrings.' We are the walking billboards of our business. If I was selling pots and pans, I couldn't wear a colander on my head."

What's big this season? "Brights are a big thing, and emerald green is the color of the season."

What's one of your favorite pieces? "This is the Opulence necklace," she said of a long, glittery black-and-white piece. "Every girl has plenty of black and white in her closet. It can be worn in many ways. If you want, go long and lean with a simple T-shirt. Or, it willl look fabulous with a little black dress, or you can double it and put on a pin. Or triple it. It's 62 inches in length.

"You can also wear it as a belt. You don't have to be a size 2 or 4. You can be a girl with curves and carry it off quite nicely. It looks great with color. It's just a fabulous piece of jewelry. For $49, you can't go wrong."

Any special offers? "If anyone needs something for his wife or girlfriend, I wrap for the guys."

To contact Joyce, call 618 593-5312 or email her at

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