April 29, 2013 



Jeremy Rashaun Addison of Belleville to Samerria Marie Crowder of Belleville.

Jimmie L. Ashford of Fairview Heights to Dorothy R. Doss of Fairview Heights.

Danny J. Bartholomy of Fairview Heights to Marsha A. Robbins of Fairview Heights.

Sean Montreal Blackshear of Belleville to Stephanie Lynn Dillon of Belleville.

Earnest Boyd Jr. of O'Fallon to Lori Patrice Thompson of O'Fallon.

Perry Lee Brown of East St. Louis to Markeisha Lela Triplett of East St. Louis.

James Edwin Bryant of Belleville to Nancy Wade Wilkinson of Granite City.

John L. Campbell of East St. Louis to Margaret L. Gilliam of East St. Louis.

Peter C. Carbon of Fairview Heights to Katina D. Richardson of Fairview Heights.

Christopher W. Carpenter of Belleville to Sarah Liette Smith of Belleville.

Jerome A. Carpenter of Washington Park to Tammy M. Washington of Washington Park.

Kreg R. Carron of Belleville to Angela L. Carron of Belleville.

Benny Gerard Childrous of Madison, Tenn. to Valerie Vanessa Marion of East St. Louis.

Scottie D. Cross of St. Louis to Latrice L. Murphy of St. Louis.

Robert Leroy Darling of East St. Louis to Patricia Ann Brown of East St. Louis.

Brandon C. Dean of Belleville to Lydia M. Jackson of Belleville.

Drayton J. Denson of Belleville to Priscila M. Tuyong of Belleville.

Faley A. Diab of East St. Louis to Jacquelyn T. May-Brown of East St. Louis.

Laschell B. Dickerson of East St. Louis to Sharekia S. Humphries of East St. Louis.

Dominic Jamaar Dorsey of Belleville to Christina Felecia Howell of Belleville.

Larry James Gale of Cahokia to Sharon Ann Tipler of Alorton.

Thomas A. Galloway II of Mehlville, Mo. to Stephanie E. Hoertel of Belleville.

Michael R. Gray of Madison to Rochella M. Alford of Madison.

Clifton Grinston II of Cahokia to Natasha Torhonda Haynes of Cahokia.

Richard Dechant Harkins Jr. of Belleville to Eetech Kimashai Whitby of East St. Louis.

Seth Wendell Harlan of Swansea to Brittany Marie Hodgson of Swansea.

Joseph Harris of Belleville to Lillie P. Harris of Alorton.

William Robert Havlen of Caseyville to Susan Marie Brem of Caseyville.

David W. Heil of Belleville to Samantha D. Davis of Belleville.

Malcolm L. Henderson Jr. of Alorton to Marjorie L. Yancey of Belleville.

Elton D. Henry Jr. of O'Fallon to Nikisha L. Alexander of O'Fallon.

Richard Horne Jr. of Cahokia to Meondra Nicole Taylor of Collinsville.

Arbie Willie Hudson of Swansea to Tiffany Jean Schuler of Collinsville.

Christopher F. Huff of Caseyville to Kendra L. Wilson of Troy.

Muchael Jack Hunt of Dupo to Kara Leigh Dell of Dupo.

David W. Hutcheson of Belleville to Laura L. Felch of Belleville.

Bryan D. Johnson of St. Louis to Regina E. Marion of Belleville.

Michael W. Kempfer of Swansea to Linda C. Bequette of Swansea.

Freddie L. King III of Swansea to Savannah N. Perkinson of Freeburg.

John Eric Lampley of Dupo to Jennifer R. Charlton of Dupo.

Jayde Dempsey Langley of Belleville to Monique Muniz of Belleville.

Frank Alan Majkut of Belleville to Mary Louise Naes of Belleville.

Anthony Joseph Matecki of Millstadt to Michele Lynn Green of Millstadt.

Gene Anthony Maxwell of Cahokia to Kiarra Olivia Yvonna Dace of Cahokia.

Scott W. McClelland of Cahokia to Jessica D. Bordeaux-Stevenson of Cahokia.

Joseph B. McDonnell of Belleville to Carole E. Lechowicz of Belleville.

Patrick J. McEvilly of Belleville to Kristen L. Henke of St. Louis.

Antione Litdell McInnis of Belleville to Flodrica Ayrriana Williams of Belleville.

David A. Miller of Dupo to Kristi L. Weston of Dupo.

Justin Keith Mills of Scott AFB to Candice Rochelle Crane of Rocklin, Calif.

Kameron William Mills of Belleville to Chelsea Lauren Wier of Belleville.

Larry Moore Jr. of Alorton to Nicole Renee Starks of Alorton.

George A. Moore of Washington Park to Vanessa Denise McVay-Doss of Washington Park.

Marc A. Novaria of Belleville to Cari A. Peterson of Belleville.

Francisco Obregon-Garcia of Fairmont City to Miki Lyn Garcia of Fairmont City.

William W. Parsons Jr. of O'Fallon to Jamie L. Gulley of O'Fallon.

Donald J. Riveria of O'Fallon to Ameniah V. Bernard of O'Fallon.

James C. Russell of Belleville to Dona L. McGlynn of Belleville.

Eumez Tramond Samuel of East St. Louis to Sarajeni A. Moore of Fairview Heights.

David Garcia Sanchez of Fairview Heights to Silvia Cruz-Dionicio of Fairview Heights.

Dale R. Sandage of Belleville to Colette A. Taylor of Belleville.

Zachary Scott Schaffer of Millstadt to Nichole R. Connor of Millstadt.

Tyler Scott Schlegel Sr. of Belleville to Laquesha Fere Samuel of Belleville.

Frank Patrick Schmidt of Valley Park, Mo. to Lisa Ann Hipkiss of Valley Park, Mo.

Larry J. Scott of Alton to Sharon L. Heath of Belleville.

Chris Douglas Seibold of Red Bud to Denise Jean Thacker of Red Bud.

Robert Michael Shaw of O'Fallon to Marie Kelley of O'Fallon.

Orlando Christopher Simms of Fairview Heights to Kendra Maria Simms of Fairview Heights.

Brandon Paul Smith of Fairview Heights to Kuulei Roxanne Ontiveros of Fairview Heights.

James D. Sparks Jr. of Collinsville to Gina L. Kane of Collinsville.

Zachary J. Sronce of Sparta to Kortnie R. White of Sparta.

Michael J. Stalley of St. Louis to Tameka R. Robinson of Madison.

Todd J. Stewart Sr. of Belleville to Ida Y. Francisco Stewart of Swansea.

Phaizon Leron Streater of East St. Louis to Tedra Tiara Johnson of East St. Louis.

John Wesley Verzal of Freeburg to Rachael Lee Marigny of Freeburg.

Aaron D. Vogel of Mascoutah to Rikki M. Mecagni of Mascoutah.

Aaron R. Vollmer of St. Libory to Amy E. Saia of St. Libory.

Michael D. Walker Jr. of East St. Louis to Angela Jasmine N. Prelow of East St. Louis.

Stanley Ware of Fairview Heights to Linda Lou Turner of Fairview Heights.

Alexander Andre White Sr. of Belleville to Judiette Renee Franklin of Belleville.

Anthony C. Williams Sr. of Belleville to Ann M. Hamilton of Belleville.

Charles Christopher Wilson of Swansea to Jill Alleen Norris of Swansea.

Tyler Sade Wisdom of Robertsville, Mo. to Kaitlin Marie Mayfield of Cahokia.

Leroy Witherspoon of East St. Louis to Joann Peoples of East St. Louis.

Benjamin E. Wittenauer of Mascoutah to Kristi L. Otten of Mascoutah.

Mark Curtis Zapfe of Mascoutah to Dawn Annetta Kinzel of Mascoutah.

Paul William Zinck of O'Fallon to Sharon Kay Rau of O'Fallon.

Martin Zvolensky of Fairview Heights to Yuping Ding of Springfield.


Roger Earl Altmeyer Jr. of Granite City to Theresa Rae Gagain of Granite City.

Glenn Michael Kidd Jr. of Highland to Tonya Deann May of Highland.

Aaron Michael Joseph Croy of Wood River to Danielle Dee Michael of Wood River.

Timothy Joseph Jacober of Highland to Joyce Elaine Smith of Highland.

Joseph Robert Marshall Jr. of Granite City to Laura Susan Lemler of Granite City.

Matthew Allen Secor of Collinsville to Jessica Renee Brandon of Collinsville.

Michael Allen Long of Alhambra to Rebecca Ann Huber of Alhambra.

Tevin Lee Causey of Alton to Breyana Nicole Malone of Alton.

Jason Michael Scott of St. Louis to Camille Moriah Keymon of St. Louis.

Eric James Short of Alton to Ashley Nicole Heinlein of Alton.

Bradley Neal Nickles of Cottage Hills to Joyce Ashley Heinlein of Cottage Hills.

Jerry Lynn Manis of East Alton to Martha Rippley Rende of East Alton.

Anthony Mark Stone of Godfrey to Ciera Christine Cote of Godfrey.

Brenan David Graham of Edwardsville to Aliesha Danielle Graham of Edwardsville.

Calvin James Davis of Bethalto to Emily Dawn Cook of Bethalto.

Caleb Ryan Romoser of Little Canada, Minn. to Kelly Rae Caringer of Belleville.

Kenneth Michael Crossman of Arthur to Emily Jane Harrison of Arthur.

Kelly Daniel McPheters of Champaign to Rachel Elizabeth Anderson of Champaign.

Roger Michael Mueller of Edwardsville to Angie Sue Carden of Edwardsville.

Joshua Albert Barnes of Granite City to Sarah Rose Martin of Granite City.

Fredrick Joseph Venardos of Godfrey to Danielle Elizabeth Wilson of Godfrey.

Dennis Richard Greene of St. Louis to Marjorie Jo Cook of St. Louis.

Kevin Andrew Hopkins of Goose Creek, S.C. to Ashley Dawn Hamilton of Troy.

Ralph Joseph Monroe Jr. of Alton to Deborah Jean Monroe of Alton.

Steven Aaron Miller Sr. of Granite City to Rebecca Lynne Funk of Independence, Mo.

Mark Sie Bastin of East Alton to Laura Lee Vinyard of East Alton.

Charles David Hollis Jr. of Granite City to Vanessa Sue Womack of Granite City.

Brian Arnett Williams Jr. of Alton to Tiffany Delores Fleming of Godfrey.

D. J. Johnson of East Alton to Barbara Ellen Malone of East Alton.

Harold Eugene Naylor of Alton to Angeline Caroline Ternefovich of Alton.

Joshua Michael Huelsmann of Trenton to Krystle Marie Klein of Trenton.

Geoffrey David Schardan of Maryville to Lindsay Nicole Jaeggi of Maryville.

Raymond Lee Basinger of New Madrid, Mo. to Jennifer Lynn Yenne of Godfrey.

Michael Alen Cox of Collinsville to Lauren Marie Wander of Collinsville.

Gregory Lynn Sturgeon of Granite City to Michalene Michelle Millas of Granite City.

DeAntrez Chermohn Snider of Belleville to Rikki Brehan Green of Alton.

Thomas Matthew Voigt of Marine to Dora Jane Winfield of Marine.

Christopher Neal Williamson of Highland to Melissa Marie Bailey of Highland.

Kenneth Bradley Bunn of Gillespie to Jamie Nicole Marra of Gillespie.

Jordan Tanner Kraus of Granite City to Sandra Marie Longoria of Granite City.

Sean Levond Vaughn of Alton to Mica Lynn Ford of Alton.

Adam Richard Vallow of Edwardsville to Katelyn Elizabeth Brase of Edwardsville.

Michael Thomas Kapp of Highland to Chastidy P. Campbell of Highland.

Jacob Tyler Burns of Highland to Kelsey Miranda Buskirk of Highland.

Christopher James Foxall of Godfrey to Brianna Jo Grizzle of South Roxana.

Joey Ralph Focht Jr. of Granite City to Tiffanie Ruth Hurt of Granite City.

Walter Jackson Page of Granite City to Elizabeth Lwanda Jones of Granite City.

Dustin Allen Clemons of Highland to Kayleigh Emmerick of Highland.

Bryan Eugene Christ of Belleville to Carrie Elizabeth McManus of Belleville.

Joshua Robert Pellazari of Granite City to Shannon Dawn Windsor of Granite City.

Charles Ellis Byers of Fairview Heights to Gail Ann Adams of Collinsville.

Marvin Antonio Parke of Granite City to Jennifer Danielle Miner of Granite City.

Shawn Neil Huff of South Roxana to Alicia Marie Embry of South Roxana.

Eric Shawn McClellan of East Alton to Vanessa Michale Holcomb of East Alton.

Freddie Emil Schoondyke III of Cottage Hills to Crystal Gayle Rose of Cottage Hills.


Timothy Wayne Stille of Alhambra to Kathy Diane Peyla of Alhambra.

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