One concealed carry law, not hundreds

April 29, 2013 

With state lawmakers stymied on a concealed carry law and a little more than a month until a federal court deadline to enact one, Gov. Pat Quinn wants to complicate the situation by letting cities set their own policies.

That's crazy. It's difficult enough now to keep track of the concealed carry laws in border states; imagine having to know the rules in hundreds of cities and villages. Why, driving from Belleville to Edwardsville, a person would go through eight or 10 different jurisdictions.

Quinn actually is concerned about just one city being able to write its own rules: Chicago. Right, the city has been so successful with gun control. It has some of the strictest gun ownership requirements in the nation and yet the city had 506 homicides in 2012, 435 of them involving guns.

Chicago likes to forget this, but it's part of Illinois and also subject to the requirements of the U.S. Constitution. The state should have one concealed carry law for everyone in Illinois, including Chicago.

Lawmakers need to focus and not be distracted by silly ideas like Quinn's. The court-imposed deadline is June 9; miss it and concealed carry goes into effect with few restrictions.

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