Don't miss the real terrorist threat

April 29, 2013 

When I heard the reports of the bombing suspects in Boston; I had a hard time believing that Catholics, evangelical Christians or Tea Party people would have been responsible.

Then when I heard the news that the suspects were Islamists; I thought that this event seems to fly in the face of what our government has been telling us.

We heard from the common press of their hope that the bombers would be white,conservative Americans unhappy with the president and his policies. Where does that come from? No wonder our country is schizophrenic.

But, shazam. They are Islamists. Who would have thought that? Well, most of us who are not trying to undermine our country would have thought that.

Who has been hiding the Islamists' threat to us? Our very own government. That can't be possible, can it?

The Department of Homeland Security has said, and published, that the threat to America is from evangelical Christians and Catholics, way more than from Islamists. This is the official position of our administration and the State Department. This is the training the DHS is providing all law enforcement agencies.

This is promoted to our various police departments and sheriff departments by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Haven't heard of it? You need to look it up.

It seems that DHS, the State Department, the Justice Department and who knows who else in government is conspiring to hide the Islamic threat to American citizens if not actually abetting the threat.

Adrian P. Heuermann