Advice to Gov. Quinn: Get to work

April 29, 2013 

In responding to Texas Gov. Rick Perry's recent recruiting trip to Illinois to get businesses to move to Texas, Gov. Pat Quinn stated: "We know how to do it in Illinois, we don't need any advice from Gov. Perry." Really? Then why doesn't Quinn get with the program and start doing it?

Brent Polina of Polina Corporate Real Estate, in Park Ridge, stated, "They can go and make political hay out of beating up on the slowest kid in the room." Can you say oxymoron?

Personally, I think Perry is foolish to recruit in liberal states like California and Illinois. If he succeeds in getting companies in those states to move to Texas, the result will be an entourage of liberals moving there and weakening his state's economic and moral stability over time (Read: Oregon, Washington state, New Mexico, Colorado).

When asked about the migration of people from "Okies" to California during the Great Depression, Will Rogers quipped, "It raised the IQ of both states." In the case of Illinois versus Texas, the opposite is true.

Roddy D. Riggs


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