Representing themselves

April 30, 2013 

When there's a choice between self-interest and the public's interest, is there ever a doubt which one St. Clair County politicians will pick?

Democrats Willie McIntosh of Washington Park and Carl A. Gomez of Fairmont City sure didn't hesitate to put themselves first this week.

Both were just re-elected in November to another four-year term. This week they announced they were resigning.

McIntosh unabashedly admitted he's quitting to hold onto his pension benefits. He just lost his seat as Canteen Township supervisor, and his pension would go down if he stayed on the County Board.

County Board Chairman Mark Kern obviously condones that kind of self-serving thinking. He appointed McIntosh's wife to fill the vacancy -- the next best thing to McIntosh feeding directly at the public trough.

Gomez said of his decision to quit: "It was time to get out." No, the time to do that would have been prior to the election, when other candidates could have run and the voters, not the party, could have picked a representative.

Kern said recently that the voters can always vote out their elected representatives if they don't like what they are doing. He's confident that will never happen in Democratic-controlled St. Clair County. And so the political arrogance will continue.

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