Signatures still matter

May 1, 2013 

I read in the news from the White House that although former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's signature is on the Benghazi documents, it doesn't mean she signed them. The White House said it is standard practice for documents to go out with government official signatures that they did not sign. Does this mean they also did not know about them, did not read them and did not authorize them?

Government officials took an oath of office to accept responsibility to perform certain duties and to up hold the Constitution. Who, then, is responsible for making decisions, authorizing orders and making security and other important decisions?

The White House said that this is standard protocol and has been done by other administrations, both Democratic and Republican. Does this sound like a responsible government? These actions and types of comments just go to prove

that government cannot be trusted.

It appears that if the underlings make the right decision, the elected official gets high praise; if the underlings make the wrong decision, it is the fault of some unknown person.

Is this a government of, by and for the people? Who is John Doe?

Lew Hiatt


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