Missed the sparring

May 1, 2013 

Well, well. I'm so glad my favorite antagonist, letter writer Leon Anderson, has surfaced. I was about to track him down because I missed his attacks.

Anderson predicted that among the liberals who'll reply to his latest letter, I will call him a racist. Why would I do that? He has done that himself by forever commenting negatively about the black and other non-white races.

He also made the following comments about those who supported President Obama:

"Black people who want handouts." I say black people want the same opportunities as other races, but until the playing field is level, blacks will do what they must to survive.

"Women who want abortions, free contraceptives and which candidate is the cutest." I say women want the freedom to control their own bodies and not have old, decrepit, wannabe, medieval lord, make decisions for them. As for cute, Mitt Romney is also cute but was no match for the brilliant Barack Obama.

"Hispanics who only want to get their illegal relatives citizenship." I say, can you blame them? However, for the influx of Hispanics, Anderson should first blame the corporations that want cheap labor.

Anderson said liberals have destroyed this country. I say conservatives are the destructive forces -- the greedy corporations who've taken our jobs overseas; the vicious and obstructive congressmen who fight everything the president is for, including bills they initiated, and Anderson's constituents who still can't rid themselves of the John Wayne "kick butt" philosophy.

Frankie Seaberry