Durbin, Kirk and crime bills

May 2, 2013 

President Obama and the liberal Demo-crats howled when the Senate voted not to pass their centerpiece legislation on gun control. The vote was 56-44.

How horrible that it needed 60 votes to pass. Fairness and simple majority principles were defeated. It was a shameful act of the senators.

Well, let's look at the other bills voted on that same day. A GOP bill for mandatory sentences for violent gun criminals and gangs using guns: 58 yea, 42 no. A bill requiring concealed carry licenses to be honored in all states: 57 yea, 43 no.

All the liberal Democrats filibustered against both of the bills. Gee, both were proven crime stoppers, so what was their excuse? Politics.

Their whole platform was to stop gun crime, yet they voted against the bills the people and the police wanted. They proved that they couldn't care less about gun crime or the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

The two biggest violators of the will of the people? Ultra left Sen. Dick Durbin and fellow Chicagoan Sen. Mark Kirk. They both voted for gun control and against the other two bills.

Republican Kirk has shown his true Chicago Democratic leanings in these three votes.

Bob Dagner


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