Tragedy in East St. Louis

May 3, 2013 

The article Tuesday, "Family: East St. Louis pawnshop owner may never walk again," is eye-opening. The article has brought to our attention that a business owner in this struggling city has unwillingly sacrificed his life while trying to sustain his business. The coward-criminal who shot him has caused a 360-degree turn in this family's life.

The article is written with exact description of what so many families are facing: living paycheck to paycheck. Now this sinister, violent tragedy has delayed the family's only means of survival. The people not only know but can feel their heartfelt grief in more ways than one.

Today's economy is pushing so many people into bad decisions of crime without compassion for the people who are affected.

Thank you to reporter Carolyn Smith for the well-written article. Keep up the great work, BND.

Andria May

Fairview Heights