Can't trust Illinois to keep its word

May 3, 2013 

As the mother of a Murray Center resident, I appreciate the recent article on the state's admission that it cannot pay community residential services for care of the developmentally disabled at the same time the state is trying to dump more disabled people into community homes, some of highly questionable quality.

The story mentions a highly inflated annual average cost per resident at Murray Center. The state's own budget figures, shared in documents offered at the hearing held in Centralia in spring of 2012, indicate that the cost of resident care at Murray Center is $144,000 to $150,000 per year, not $239,000. The $120,000 per year cost of community care doesn't include the costs of health care not covered by Medicaid (which is included in the Murray Center costs), the cost of day programs (included in Murray Center costs) or the costs of nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy and similar services (included in Murray Center costs).

Murray parents/guardians have been told by DHS staff and the governor's staff to trust them. How can anyone trust a process based on fictional data?

Karen Kelly


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