Terrorism motivated by inequities

May 3, 2013 

As America searches for the answers to why anyone would gun down innocent children or detonate explosives along a crowded marathon route, the motivations for such senseless acts of violence have become quite clear to me. Not until now has it crossed my thoughts to associate the double standards of privilege directly with the growing tendencies toward violence in this country.

How often do we hear the adage, "If I had done that, I'd be in jail by now?" The stark realization is that we probably would be.

Back in the days of my youth, we learned that if we disrespected the law of the land, there was always a price to pay, regardless of one's status. The Watergate convictions and the resignation of President Nixon were proof of that. Such is not the case today.

With excessive and, oftentimes, illegal profiteering in health care, energy, finance, government contracts and executive compensations, and with the Department of Justice, the White House, Congress and state bovernment entities all asleep at the switch, is it any wonder that Americans are losing their grasp of what is or is not lawful?

Theft by deception or outright coercion has become rampant while many of our knights in shining armor have been jailed for exercising their constitutional rights to peaceful assembly. Legality and morality have become matters of status.

Just as in "Les Miserables," when one is penalized for refusing to "look down," the futility of life itself becomes a misguided incentive for retaliation.

Richard Yesley

New Athens

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