What a tough tour of duty

May 3, 2013 

I'm sorry that letter writer Jim Walters had to spend most of his military service in that hellhole know as West Germany only 24 years after the war there ended ("Army service wasn't a dream"," News-Democrat, April 17.) I'm sure that a lot of GIs who were able to enjoy the beautiful weather, scenery and tranquility of South Vietnam are feeling sorry for him. I know if I had been one of them, I would be shedding crocodile tears right now.

As for the Veterans Administration, I could use it since I served a little more than two years active duty in the peacetime Army, but I consider that time at least partial payment for the privilege of living in this country. I believe that the Veterans Administration facilities should be reserved for those who served at least 20 years active duty or are recipients of the Purple Heart or other combat medals and their immediate families.

Bob Walter

Glen Carbon

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