Following this logic on spending cuts ...

May 5, 2013 

Interesting letter in the BND on Thursday from a local liberal calling for a reduction of 50 percent in tax-based pensions to help pay down the national debt.

As a retired Air Force noncommissioned officer, one of the military "heroes" that he shows such disdain for, I'd like to consider where this idea goes using his own reasoning. His plan would also call for a 50 percent cut in Social Security and Medicare benefits. These are, after all, tax based, age/retirement programs.

In addition, I expect he is fully in support of the liberal buzz words "shared sacrifice." In the spirit of shared sacrifice, he would surely support a tax rate of 50 percent applied to all non-tax based pensions which would also be used to help pay down the national debt.

Words have meaning and, like the Syrian "red line," a lot of liberals just like to talk -- or write -- without regard to what they are really saying.

David Griffith


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