A disaster in the making for Murray Center residents

May 5, 2013 

My sadness increases for the families of residents and for the residents at Murray Developmental Center in Centralia. To learn that payment for facilities designated to take in its residents will be delayed for months is no surprise. A promise left wanting has become standard operating procedure for Gov. Pat Quinn and his officers.

They tout that Murray is an outdated form of care. That is a lie. Murray was created to meet specific needs of human development and its anomalies, and the staffing level of professional care was designed to meet those needs. Nothing has changed. The residents continue to require that level of care.

It is doubtful that transfer to care in the community at custodial care facilities will meet those needs, even if they did get paid.

I don't look forward to it, but I expect that in two or three years the Belleville News Democrat will win another journalistic prize for an investigation into the follow-up of Murray transfers. By that time Gov. Pat Quinn and his cronies will be comfortably ensconced in their remarkably outdated pensions.

Richard Wagner


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