Solution to priest shortage is simple

May 5, 2013 

Officials in the Catholic Church have been speaking more openly about the need for more priests, but I haven't seen any mention about using laicized priests.

I and many priests were laicized so that we could get married, and I think many of us would be willing to serve again as priests if we could stay married. In recent times, if a married Protestant minister converted and wanted to be a Catholic priest he was permitted to serve as a married priest, and it didn't take another Vatican Council to allow him to do so.

The same Vatican could easily use the same powers to allow laicized priests to serve again as married priests.

I am 76 (same age as Pope Francis), in decent health and I could easily say Mass, forgive sins and administer other sacraments. Because I served nine years as a priest and worked another 29 years in various Catholic agencies, I could easily be a pastor of a small parish.

John F. Klein


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