Are they pawns?

May 5, 2013 

Yes they are pawns; the true threat is not these men but the followers of Islam who you interact with daily. True followers of Allah must rid the world of Great Satan, the United States.

These men and hundreds of other men and women are being indoctrinated at so-called Islamic religious training camps across our country and abroad, and those abroad are anxiously awaiting the passage of the open borders legislation that the president will get passed.

The time is right, the groundwork has been laid and with a sympathetic president, who also may be a pawn, they feel encouraged because the strength of America is declining. They believe it is their opportunity to create fear in the hearts of all America as they did in the hearts of all Bostonians.

It is ironic, a spark that lit the fuse that exploded the bomb of freedom and liberty was the Boston Tea Party; the spark that lit the fuse of the bomb that will destroy more and more of our freedoms and liberties was the Boston Massacre bombing.

People are too stupid to realize what horrors the future holds.

Lee Harris