2014 election starts early in Illinois

May 6, 2013 

Well, well, what a coincidence. On the same day Ann Callis resigned as a Madison County judge to run for Congress on the Democratic ticket, Gov. Pat Quinn announced the appointment of David Gill to a high-level state job.

Gill was the party's nominee for the 13th District in 2012 and had been contemplating another run, but his appointment as associate director of the Department of Public Health clears the way for Callis.

Actually, there's nothing coincidental about the Callis and Gill news. These were cleverly orchestrated moves by Democrats to avoid a primary fight, just like the party decided who would run for former Rep. Jerry Costello's 12th District seat in 2012.

Remember in that race Callis' name was dangled as a contender, but she ended up running for judicial retention instead. "I came to the conclusion that at this time, I could not leave a community that I love, employees and colleagues of Madison County Circuit Court that have become like family to me," she announced in October 2011.

Now she's leaving that county family for an election that's still 18 months away.

We're bothered by the party's orchestration, but even more so the continuous campaigning.

We get it that the 13th District of Illinois is one of the few competitive House districts left in the nation. But come on, the last election was in November. Republican Rep. Rodney Davis, the current officeholder, is barely settled into his new office in Washington.

Sadly, campaigning has become more important than governing, which explains why Congress can't accomplish much of anything.

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