Still our right to speak out

May 6, 2013 

In regard to letter writer Jim Walters' claim that all of us bad old white Americans stole everything from the wondrous and virtuous Native Americans and on the backs of the slaves, I have a question.

Who did the all-pure and one-with-nature Native Americans steal it from?

And as to the slaves, the African and Arab people were masters of the slave trade long before any came to America, including the Romans and since the beginning of time.

Just think, if Walters were judge and jury on all of us, we'd all be dead. But relax, Walters is so busy hating multiple items he doesn't have time to kill the rest of us.

Thankfully this is still America and there is still, to this point in time, the right to free speech -- except in colleges and public schools and for those who are conservative or Christian in thought.

Brent Rains