Who's sitting next to you with a gun?

May 6, 2013 

We will soon have a conceal carry law in Illinois like all the other states. It's about time. We should all have the same rights as all the other citizens in the union.

However, much debate has taken place concerning where a person should be able to carry a weapon. Everyone has a different view on this, it seems. It really doesn't matter it seems because if a person can't carry his or her weapon into a bar, on public transportation, etc., they could simply go get it from their car where it will be locked up. All these guns in all these cars will present another major problem.

Many people could carry a weapon legally but shouldn't. These people know in their hearts that if they had a weapon with them all the time, there might be a lot fewer jerks around. I am a good example of a person who could legally get a permit to carry a gun but probably would use it on some inconsiderate jerk once or twice a day.

This is just something to give all the gung-ho conceal carry advocates something to think about while they are sitting on Metrolink with their .38 special in their holdster. I might just be sitting next to you with my .44 magnum.

Michael Ray Dillier


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