The age-old question: What's in it for me?

May 6, 2013 

Thank God for "60 Minutes." At the end of the broadcast on April 28, they reported on how our wonderful government just gave itself another avenue to rake in millions.

Some time ago "60 Minutes" featured a story on how both parties, at all levels of government, conveniently tweaked the law and passed legislation allowing themselves key special insider trading information. This key and secret information is illegal for you and me to obtain or use in stock trading, but our politicians consider themselves better than us and above such restrictive regulation and nonsense. To hell with us; they have money to make.

You and I would face at least 15 to 20 years of federal time but they become multi-millionaires instead. That sounds fair, right?

Because they initially took heat and bad publicity they temporarily changed the law. They waited for things to cool off and then in typical sleazy, sneaky, under the radar, scumbag fashion, they repealed restrictive legislation so the self-serving, money-making bonanza could return.

These people who take office couldn't care less about their country, soldiers, citizens or anything but their families and themselves. It's all about the money, perks and lobbyist connections for future personal wealth. None of them even have and never will sacrifice a damn thing.

They want to know why government approval ratings are dismally low on both sides of the aisle; this is one example. Power to the people.

Steve Vandever


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