Keep abortion safe, legal

May 7, 2013 

To letter writer Angela Michael who says that abortion is more deadly to women and girls now than prior to legislation, I say prove it. History and facts say differently.

Does nearly every major hospital in our nation today have a whole wing, historically called the "K wing," devoted entirely to treating women and girls suffering the effects of botched abortions? No. The K wings went away after legalization made abortion safer than childbirth.

Do the highways leading to major abortion providers have cars pulled off on the shoulders, each one containing a woman who is bleeding to death before she can make it home to her family? No.

Do we have a plague of teenage girls suddenly disappearing from their schools and churches with very little explanation for their deaths? No. Do we still have churches losing teenagers and young women in such numbers that ministers from 11 different denominations feel compelled to go to Washington to plead for legalization of abortion? No, because the ministers were long ago successful in this mission.

Access to safe and legal abortion has improved the lives of everyone. Young men and women are no longer forced to cut short their education, aspirations and accomplishments in life due to premature parenthood. Girls and women are always going to need access to abortion for health reasons, as well.

Those who do not or choose to remember the past are doomed to repeat it, and it was a pretty bad past.

Irene Allred


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