Bidding saves tax dollars

May 8, 2013 

Belle Valley School Superintendent Louis Obernuefemann and the school board consistently demonstrate they have no regard for rules, regulations, fair play and sound business practices. The handling of the school's property insurance is another example of their misconduct.

Instead of bidding out the school's property insurance coverage to acquire the lowest bid (as required for items over $25,000), they simply gave it to an insurance salesman they had dealt with in the past. All other agents and companies were excluded from bidding on the plan. Doesn't that kind of favoritism sound familiar?

The salesman then went to the companies he is licensed to do business with and selected a plan that he presented to the board. Obernuefemann and the board had no idea whether it was the most economical plan. They blindly accepted the $44,000 bid.

Not only did the insurance salesman receive several thousand dollars of commissions from the insurance company, but he also charged the school $4,000 for his service, which the board happily paid. What a cushy two-way deal.

The salesman also bears responsibility in that he capitalized on the board's business deficiencies and total disregard for proper procedures.

As long as Belle Valley residents continue to emulate the complacency and tolerance exhibited by residents of communities such as East St. Louis, abuses at Belle Valley will continue.

Ted Farmer


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