Don't allow anonymous commenting

May 8, 2013 

On April 30, I received an anonymous letter in the mail in reference to my letter in the paper April 27 about BND letter writer Jim Walters. The writer said I have some gall.

The anonymous writer said that Bill Clinton left this country in better shape than any president since Franklin D. Roosevelt. I wonder what could be more distant from the truth? Aside from depriving our military from the resources it needed, Bill Clinton -- by his personal conduct -- disgraced his office and embarrassed this country like no one ever had before. He should have been removed from office.

The anonymous writer also accused me of voting for an AWOL National Guard pilot and a four deferment war profiteer. He also said that I chose them over a decorated Vietnam war veteran in 2004. These comments almost made me laugh. For one thing, Albert Gore received no more decorations in Vietnam than what was normal and usual. The writer also accused me of being a Republican -- of which I am not.

People who do not have the courage to face me should not write anonymous, unsigned letters to me. Furthermore, I will gladly debate the anonymous writer, or anyone else for that matter, about any stance I take.

Frank B. Austin


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