Make the goal intact families

May 8, 2013 

The abortion provider Kermit Gosnell's trial clearly illustrates that the main objective of Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates is not women's health but a dead baby at any cost. Much news was suppressed as abortion is sacred to many media people.

Their agenda also declares that any and all sexual activity is permissible as long as no live baby appears on the scene. Do you actually want your teenage daughter to purchase the morning-after pill, which could change her whole body chemistry? What are other side effects, particularly long term? This is ridiculous. Complain to government officials at every level.

There is a beautiful, positive approach to life -- it is a child's right to a stable family with his own father and mother. This is, today, of course, an idealistic answer with beautiful exceptions, and it is attainable only with sacrifice. Do people ever discuss this word at home? Sacrifice means giving up something to attain a greater goal. It is very difficult and very rewarding. Think of Jesus' sacrificial love for us by dying on the cross to open heaven.

For any attainable goal, sacrifice is an absolute necessity. That doubles when you have a beautiful God-given goal of an intact family.

Teach the 10 Commandments instead of the command to have a dead baby or to mutilate young people's bodies, minds and souls.

Dorothy Feder


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