May 9, 2013 

Melissa and her bunco pals.

It is great to have a girls’ night out. My bunco group now meets for dinner at a restaurant instead of actually playing bunco at someone’s house. But of course we still call it bunco night! I love this group because it is all girls plus multi-generational. One of us will share a video of her daughter, one shares a nephew picture and another will share a great-grandbaby photo. We come from all walks of life and careers, from healthcare to accounting to advertising, six still work and two are retired.

It’s a neighborhood group that I was invited to join when one member had her 3rd baby and couldn’t attend regularly. So even though I was never in that neighborhood, at least I lived in the same state. Now I make the drive to St. Louis once a month, along with one other gal who moved a few zip codes away from the core neighborhood in Rock Hill.

The main goal is to just have good conversation and have fun. We talk about everything from our family, work, headlines of the day, pop culture and TV shows, especially Reality TV. The last night out left us out of breath from laughing so hard. Somehow, we got on the subject of phobias and pet peeves. And I think we all learned there are a lot of strange ones out there we had never even heard of. One lady can’t stand buttons on clothing that serve no purpose. So of course the girl sitting next to her points out just such a button to freak her out. Another person, along with me, has not only claustrophobia but also gets irritated by people noises, especially gum smacking. But really, who isn’t annoyed by gum smacking? I always wear ear plugs on the plane to avoid noises of all types, but especially the gum chewing/popping. One gal had recently seen a hypnotherapist to help her with her phobia. I could do that, but I think that would mean I’d have to get on an elevator after my session and that just isn’t something I’m ready to do. The therapist helps with other things like weight loss. Now we’re getting somewhere! Where is that phone number . . .

I know we keep saying we’re going to actually play bunco sometime soon. I personally like trying new restaurants, but I understand other diners get annoyed by the howls of laughter. Bunco or no bunco, we’ll have fun!

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