Thanks for a special prom for seniors

May 9, 2013 

As director of The Collinsville Township Senior Citizens Center, I have seen how the older generation lives, and the morals and beliefs they have developed. Often, we believe this country is foundering. But there is hope and I believe it lies in our younger genration.

Recently the Collinsville High School Student Council sponsored our annual Senior Prom and I was fortunate to speak to many students who are intelligent, courteous and full of promise. Approximately 125 senior citizens were treated to a catered meal, a professional DJ and our Senior Center was decorated in an "Under the Sea" theme.

I believe our students are receiving a quality education and under the leadership of Kyle Gordon, Alice Carol, and Amy Reisch, the student council advisors, they are becoming good citizens also.

On behalf of Terry "Bones" Allen, myself, staff and participants, thanks and congratulations to the students of Collinsville High School. May all their dreams come true.

Albert Artimisi

Director, Collinsville Township Senior Center

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