I did not know Matt Seipp, but ...

May 10, 2013 

I have been reading with great sadness the recent loss of local educator and business owner Matt Seipp. I did not know Matt, but from a distance I believe I gained key insight on the type of person he must have been.

Matt owned Seipp Lawn Care and his company cared for the lawns of a number of my neighbors. There are probably 10 different lawn services working in our neighborhood and it was clearly apparent which were maintained by Matt's company. From the uniformed employees, the meticulously maintained equipment and the quality and efficient manner in which they performed their work, you knew great pride was taken in each and every yard. As you drove by where they were working, Matt's team would always take a short pause to give a cordial wave. For the moment I continue to maintain my own lawn, but I vowed to hang up the trimmer for good after this season and was looking forward to meeting and speaking with Matt.

For those folks who think that nobody notices the little things that truly set businesses and people apart, a great lesson should be taken from Matt's example. Our deepest sympathies go out to the Seipp family and all who knew him well.

David Ott


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