Embarrassed by Democrats

May 10, 2013 

I have read hundreds of letter by Gene Robke over the past decades blaming President Bush or the Republicans in all his letters. In one of his recent letters, Robke states he couldn't look in the mirror if he had voted for Bush. Is Robke still able to look in the mirror after voting for Gov. Pat Quinn and his spineless cronies?

If he can still look in the mirror, obviously he no clue as to what is going on in Illinois.

The once proud state of Illinois is now the laughingstock of the United States, is the most corrupt, the most debt-ridden and has the lowest bond rating of all states. The A- rating is the same as Botswana, Africa. Reports state that Illinois could be $200 billion in debt even though taxes continue to increase drastically. Bills continue to go unpaid and the debt increases.

Instead of working on our debt, our spineless leaders have spent their time working on rights of gays and rights of immigrants. Probably their next study will be "rights" of termites when they enter a home.

I would recommend to Robke that before he writes his next letter blaming Bush and the Republicans, just take a look at the Democrats ruining the once proud state. It used to be known and the Land of Lincoln, now it's the Land of Corruption.

Del Kloeckner


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