Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

May 12, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions in the metro-east, including St. Clair and Madison counties:



* 220 S. Charles St.; from Mary Jo Warren; to Stonecrest Income & Opportunity Fund I LLC; $13,500.

* 411 Covered Bridge Lane; from James Cox and Betty Jo Cox, Trustees; to David Suterland and Maria Sutherland; $342,500.

* 907 E. C St.; from Virgil Lyke and Betty Lyke; to Willliam Lyke; $126,500.

* 209 Garden Blvd.; from Mark W. Dunn and Kimberley P. Dunn; to Bryan T. Martin and Annisa G. Martin; $140,000.

* 1409 Radiance Drive; from Danny L. Worthen and Dianne C. Worthen; to Vincent R. Deering and Tonay Deering; $43,500.

* 1712 E. C St.; from Lillian L. Peters; to Philip Kammann and Marcia Kammann; $62,000.

* 2 Whiskey Road; from Oblate Title Holding Corp.; to REFI LLC; $275,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 225 Boca Grande Drive; from Kerley Properties LLC; to Ryan Holland and Julie Kohlberg; $80,000.

* 1017 Hawkridge Run; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Loangela C. Edwards; $182,500.

* 417 Ring of Kerry Drive; from Ryan G. Fancher and Leeann M. Fancher; to Matthew Oppliger; $131,500.

* 1316 Lebanon Ave.; from Jeffrie L. Weber and Sandra R. Weber; to Quality Living LLC; $35,000.

* 25 Shady Lane; from Ken R. Burkett and Patricia M. Burkett; to Dale Holloman and Betty Jean Holloman; $265,000.

* 3213 Denvershire; from Eugene J. Lively and Jeanie C. Lively; to Living Waters Properties LLC; $52,000.

* 1 Lamask St.; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Jody Diehl; $32,500.

* 420 Longview Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Kara L. Stewart; $53,450 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 31 Friendly Drive; from Nyle E. Musgrave and Ashley B. Musgrave; to Ted Williams and Neela Williams; $45,000.

* 106 N. 41st St.; from Kenneth R. Schloemann, Executor; to Joseph Battaglia and Christian L. Battaglia; $39,000.


* 428 Edwin; from Southern Illinois Development LLC; to C.A. Jones Inc.; $19,000.

* 424 Edwin Drive; from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Timothy K. Fisher and Tina M. Fisher; $71,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 22 Melvin Drive; from Paul Lopez and Urania Lopez; to Pacer Cap LLC; $19,000.

* 2746 Camp Jackson Road; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts LLC; $37,000.

* 3903 White St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts LLC; $39,000.

* 306 Marion St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts LLC; $33,000.

* 36 Drexel Drive; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts LLC; $37,000.

* 1315 Williams St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts LLC; $41,000.

* 523 St. Paul Drive; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts LLC; $36,000.

* 1617 Mullens Ave.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts LLC; $36,000.

* 112 Walnut St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts LLC; $51,000.

* 307 Melvin Drive; from Bonnie M. Shepard, Renee M. Killian, Richard W. Forshee; to Pacer Cap LLC; $19,000.


* 830 N. 34th St.; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Sharon J. Fair; $6,500.


* 6a, 6b, 8a, 8b Potomac Drive; from William Plunk and Shirley Plunk; to Jonathan R. Root; $217,500.

* 6816 Pelham Manor Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Matthew Kiefer; $188,000.

* 56 Wilshire Drive; from John F. Marrill; to Michael Lamb; $90,500.

* 379 Fountains Parkway; from Fairview Heights Residential LLC; to Fairview Heights Illinois I LLC; $3,721,834 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 865 Harbor Woods Drive; McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC to Jay Jarvis; $135,000.

* 5319 DePaul Drive; from R. Kenneth Keleher and Roberta K. Keleher; to Homes by Design Inc.; $22,500.

* 9 & 11 Hollandia Drive; from John Jansen; to ChristopherSteinacher and Evelyn Steinacher; $108,000.

* 7 Meckfessel Drive; from Charles W. Rambo and Andrea L. Rambo; to Debra Gildehaus and Ronald Gildehaus; $43,000.


* 8311 Heron Cove; from Harrell K. Nation and Kayla D. Nation; to Edward Scheibel and Kimberly Scheibel; $237,000.

* 18 Commerce Drive; from Jerry Trent; to Ronald Waters; $150,000.

* 713 Meadow Brook Drive; from Wesley A. Taylor and Daisy K. Taylor; to Steven F. Roman and Vicky L. Roman; $150,000.

* 305 N. Dewey St.; from Jonathan G. Kinard and Melissa D. Kinard; to Shawna M. Gibbs; $142,000.


* 901 S. Borders Ave.; from Robert Goaring and John Goaring; to Earl Moore and Joyce Moore; $22,500.

* 410 N. Grace St.; from First National Bank; to Dustin D. McClintock and Robin L. McClintock; $10,000.


* 218 W. George St.; from Nicholas Kimmie and Danielle Kimmie; to Randy F. Luehder; $127,000.

*201 W. George St.; from Rebecca Jean Dawson; to Terry Bauchman; $57,000.

* 9934 Cessna Court; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Jeremy J. Manley and Theresa N. Manley; $233,000.


* 3310 Mill Park Court; from Garrett E. Johnson, Herschel E. Johnson, R.E. & Dev. LLC; $224,000.

* 601 W. Elm St.; from Janet Brown and Joyce Korobey; to Christopher L. Brown; $64,500.


* 208 S. Johnson St.; from Norman Koenigstein and Rosemary Koenigstein; to Herbert M. Foerster Jr.; $30,000.


* 929 Brookdale Court; from Bank of America; to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; $236,400 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1037 Chapel Hill Drive #26B; from Stone Bridge Villas LLC; to David Arnold and Kathleen Arnold; $260,500.

* 932 St. Nicholas Drive; from Dennis R. Brockman Sr. and Evonna Brockman; to Jonathan Southwell; $197,000.

* 1416 Clifton Way Court; from Southern Illinois Land Investments LLC; to Kappert Construction Co. Inc., $39,500.

* 1200 Pepperidge Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Kalon Greeves; $139,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1416 Clifton Way Court; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Brandon W. Belvin; $293,000.

* 813 Emerald Green Drive; from William D. Amos and Linda D. Amos; to Matthew M. Jackson and Crystal L. Jackson; $139,000.

* 8430 Treybrooke Place; from Khaled Y. Shabany; to Matthew Craig and Jessica Craig; $315,000.

* 201 Willow Drive; from Rhonda L. Burke, Rhonda L. Basford; to Bradshaw Property Group LLC; $55,000.

* 1437 Clifton Way Court; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Andrew Martin; $271,500.

* 705 Lonnie Court; from Secretary of Veterans Administration; to Mark Vanbibber; $174,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 2739 London Lane; from TTW LLC; TO C.P.R. Properties LLC; $33,000.

* 2739 London Lane; from C.P.R. Properties LLC; to Ricardo Tibbs; $221,000.


* 5641 Seasons Ridge; from LF and Son Construction LLC; to Bryan M. Quirk; $210,000.


* 113 Sonoma Way; from Heartland Home Builders Inc.; to Anita Thomas and James Thomas Jr.; $345,500.

* 1820 Carrington Way; from T. Bow Inc.; to Mark Nicholson; $130,000.

* 117 Twin Lake Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Kyle Sobczak; $66,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 1724 Scott Troy Roa; from Michael Vanzandt; to Brian G. Jones and Kaylee Jones; $145,000.



* 5338 Richland Woods Drive; from Douglass W. Pytlinski and Tricia Pytlinski; to James J. Williams and Jeannette Williams; $425,000.

* 3220 Kendall Ave.; from Brandon E. Fish, Jennifer Fish, Jennifer Parker; to Zachary J. Hildebrand; $83,000.

* 8630 Blueridge Road; from Dennis A. Herbert and Susan E. Herbert; to Jason E. Carroll and Tammy L. Carroll; $235,000.


* 215 Central St.; from Ronald W. Middleton andConnie J. Middleton; to Josephine A. Sisson; $50,000.

* 4737 Culp Lane; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Darin Biesk and Tammy Biesk; $175,000.


* 322 Louise Drive; from Brian J. Marciak and Jean A. Marciak; to Eileen R. Haislar; $140,000.

* 99 Pine Lake Road; from Donald V. Meyer and Linda K. Meyer; to Robert Henley and Beverly Henley; $178,000.


* 307 Monroe St.; from Randall Harrop and Melissa Harrop; to Jacob Hanfelder and Brianna Johnson; $73,500.


* 203 Thomas Terrace; from Gary Knecht, Craig Knecht, Deborah Small; to Ryan Salmon and Holly Schneider; $100,000.

* 1223 Madison Ave.; from Jay Kohlmiller and Kristina Kohlmiller; to Michael Hedge; $143,000.

* 2078 Jolly Roger Drive; from Kent A. Robinette and Rene M. Robinette; to Chandler H. Wilson and Karen M. Etzkorn; $225,000.

* 2412 Little Round Top Drive; from Mark C. Bliss and Jill K. Bliss; to Billy Greenwood; $260,000.

* 2900 Dogwood Drive; from Neil G. Podoba; to Marilyn Joy; $75,000.


* 9 Rose Court; from Matthew Holmes and Michelle Holmes; to Nathan Allen and Daven Allen; $305,000.

* 918 Glen Crossing Road; from Stottler Homes Inc., Stotler Homes Inc.; to Joseph W. Stottler and Kelly M. Stottler; $138,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 2409 Winter Lane; from Julie A. Fox; to Jerry H. Sharp and Sheryl L. Sharp; $256,500.


* 409 Wilson Park Lane; from Nathan C. Monroe and Shannon D. Monroe; to Heather Mitchell and Robert L. Nolan; $90,000.

* 2324 Emert Ave.; from First Collinsville Bank; to Kerry J. Larsen and Darlene K. Larsen; $75,000.

* 147 Catalpa; from Jon P. Roderick and Michelle L. Roderick; to Alison K. Priest; $119,000.

* 2644 Pine St.; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Naomi Singer and Collin Smith; $105,000.

* 1608 Ferguson Ave.; from Barry Spicer; to Nameoki Village Marine Inc.; $24,000.

* 2227 Bern Ave.; from Lynn M. Fehrman; to Leighann M. Worthen; $119,000.

* 4101 Old Alton Road; from GCS Federal Credit Union, GCS Credit Union; to Sheryl M. Turnbull; $37,000.


* 315 Devonshire Court; from Jane Miller; to Michael K. Turner and Teresa K. Turner; $137,000.

* 70B Chase Way; from Chad E. Lappe and Valerie Lappe; to Leah Wellen; $120,000.

* 13333 Sugar Creek Road; from Steven W. Hahn and Lori A. Hahn; to Derek J. Wellen and Barbara A. Wellen; $225,000.

* 1301 14th St.; from Wesley E. Browne and Beth K. Browne; to Chrystal S. Hatley; $138,000.

* 2315 Park Hill Drive; from Richard J. Kneel and Ronadl L. Wilke; to Christopher S. Ward; $88,000.


* 535 Veterans Memorial Drive; from Steven C. Meyer and Richard A. Meyer; to Chatham IL LLC; $225,000.


* 6010 Lorry Lane; from Jeffrey J. Yakubinis and Jennifer L. Casey; to Joseph Cigliana; $135,000.

* 418 Donk Ave. North; from NKSKJS LLC; to Joel Rempfer and Saydi Rempfer; $150,000.


* 2277 Triad Road; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Lise A. Wieda and Craig A. Lutz; $267,500.

* 305 Napoleon St.; from Lindow Contracting Inc.; to Robert Evans and Stacey Evans; $156,000.


* 518 Buckeye; from Alfred W. Vezzoli and Brenda L. Vezzoli; to Jacob Vezzoli; $123,000.


* 8852 Wildewood Drive; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Stephen Noeth; $147,000.



* 2619 Lakeshore Drive; from Susan L. Price and Terry Price; to Michael L. Dunnigan Jr. and Erin Jenner; $190,000.

* 403 Wilson Drive; from JPMorgan Chase Bank NA; to Danny L. Asbury and Janet R. Asbury; $140,000.

* 2971 Hanover Road; from Dixie L. Hornbostel and George B. Hornbostel; to Allison E. Brower, Robert K. Brower, Sheryl D. Moser, Steven G. Moser; $190,000.

* 11604 Bluff Road; from Richard D. Schlemmer, Trustee; to Pete Ingold, Julie Smugala, Kerri White, Lawrence White; $130,000.

* 1515 Hill Top Road; from Allison Brower and Robert Keegan Brower; to Jacob Gravot; $145,000.


* 108 Fox Pointe; from Danny L. Asbury and Janet R. Asbury; to Jason B. Jakimauskas and Kari R. Jakimauskas; $155,000.


* 5924 J Road; from Candice S.Savage and Roderick E. Savage; to Betsy A. Jones and Keith A. Jones; $200,000.

* 1620 Ontario Drive; from Kathryn M. Gregorich; to Carrie L. Breitenstein and Terence J. Breitenstein; $27,500.

* 1005 Cottonwood Lane; from John E. McWilliams Jr.; to Nicholas J. Prange; $162,500.

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