When mom's happy, everyone's happy

May 12, 2013 

Happy Mother's Day to all -- moms and men who play the double role of mom and dad. Plus, to those men who like to degrade and talk about women, remember: Without a woman, there would be no man.

Sometimes, people say things that are abusive and degrading because they are hurt or feel they have been mistreated. But people have to let go. Probably we all have been there at one time. But the last thing you want is a woman to be upset and tormented repeatedly verbally and think you are going to be forgiven.

Remember, a woman is the rock of the family in the old school era. A mother is a wife, daughter, sister and go on down the line. When a mother is unhappy there is no rest in the hen house. We have to keep her happy. So when you talk about a mother, it's like a war zone.

When women get together it's like a pack of hens. So it's probably best to keep your mouth shut and ears open in order to have a positive, successful outcome.

Pauline McCottrell

East St. Louis

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