Support the rule of law

May 12, 2013 

It seems that no one in the people's government cares that Obama continues to not care about the rule of law. Obama's administration says to the FBI no investigating Muslims or Saudis, but we will continue to go after Americans especially if they are conservative, white, Christian, Catholic. You are the target of this corrupt bunch of elitist Marxist's who could care less about the laws of government and Congress. The FBI, CIA, NSA all are gutless and couldn't care less that men and woman died to protect the freedoms Obama is ignoring.

We have a Constitution that says we are all equal under the law. The primary reason for the federal government is to protect the bearers and protect our wealth, which Obama does just the opposite and should be tried and imprisoned for. At least these and the violation of oath of office and violation of the Constitution. This is our country and no one is exempt from the rule of law, no one!

Steve Kassa Jr.