Reasons to remain anonymous

May 13, 2013 

Recently there have been a couple of letters about Sound-off and people not signing their names. Remember, this is Illinois, the most corrupt state in the union. The only question is which county is more corrupt: Cook, Madison or St. Clair. People who speak out risk not only their welfare,but their loved ones has well. I know letter writer Bob DesPain understands this.

A couple other things to ponder: I applied to renew my FOID (firearm owner ID) card the middle of February. The check cleared a couple weeks later but as of Monday I still have not received my new card. If a private business did this, it would be charged with fraud.

If fees were charged for voter cards and handled this way there would be riots in the streets. Think of the heck that could be cause if the IRS decided to go after people just because they had a FOID card. It makes the NRA views less radical looking all the time.

Also, whatever happened to the poor sucker who got locked up for making the film that was falsely charged with causing the attack on our embassy in Libya?

Finally, the greatest danger to this country is people willing to sell their liberty for a little bit of security.

Ron Berger


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