The wealthy making a difference when government won't

May 13, 2013 

"60 Minutes," not Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or Fox News, did two stories about corporations and the wealthy making a difference where government cannot.

The first story was about Jeffrey Tudor Jones, a wealthy former hedge fund trader who founded Robin Hood which, among many works, has built charter schools from ruined buildings for at-risk black youths in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The second story, which I have a personal connection to, was about Zachary Fisher, one of the wealthiest builders in New York City who has built dozens of Fisher Houses for the families of wounded military at bases all around the country. Fisher also built the Intrepid Center for Rehabilitation in San Antonio and is now embarking on building dozens of traumatic brain injury centers at military bases modeled on the one he built near Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Our base leadership hosted and my unit provided security for Fisher and his late wife Elizabeth at Travis Air Force Base in 1995 when they broke ground for the second Fisher House on base.

When asked by "60 Minutes" why he and not the federal government was building the centers, he replied, "Well, they are supposed to but aren't, so I am."

As with Robin Hood, there is proof that the private sector with both wealthy and average donors can make a difference despite the belief of some letter writers.

Phil Henning


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