No offense meant to left-leaning gang

May 14, 2013 

I want to apologize to letter writer Kevin Gagen. I didn't mean to imply in a recent letter mentioning the Gang of Four that he was a hoodlum running the neighborhoods and tagging alleyways with graffiti. I was using gang in the sense of the Gang of Eight officials in charge of reforming immigration law.

I forgot that liberals have certain hot-point words that provoke negativity in their world views, such as the terms welfare, voter ID and illegal.

I chose Gagen and three other letter writers because, although not directly associated, they are four prominent writers who are enamored with President Obama. They share the goals of promoting class warfare and creating a society of takers.

These four have unashamedly bashed President Bush's war in Iraq and Afghanistan but are mum on President Obama's actions in Libya. They turn a blind eye to the Benghazi incident in which the dear president, who took credit for taking down Osama bin Laden, couldn't provide assistance to those killed at the Libyan embassy. They are all guilty of associating conservatives with the wealthy elite.

Being conservative myself, I can attest to the fact that I don't have any oil buddies that I'm protecting, nor do I have any wealth offshore -- or on shore for that matter. I'm one of those individuals struggling to make a living who is tired of the government meddling in everyone's affairs and trying to be our nanny.

I'm neither a disciple of Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. I just don't expect liberals will ever understand that conservative principles are just plain common sense.

James J. Price