More remodeling, Bishop Braxton?

May 14, 2013 

Catholic Bishop Edward Braxton, head of the Belleville Diocese, is reportedly spending $100,000 spiffing up the bishop's residence. This raises a question: Is Braxton preparing his residence for sale in order to move into one of the 32 senior housing units being built by St. Peter's Cathedral? Such a sale would help to alleviate the insolvency of the diocese.

It would be a smart move also because he could easily walk to the Cathedral and even take a bus to the chancery office in Shiloh. What a great example he would set. He would be emulating the poverty and humility shown by Pope Francis and Jesus himself.

Surely Braxton is not spending $100,000 on the bishop's residence for himself after he already spent $253,000 remodeling when he moved here less than seven years ago.

Gerald Montroy


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