Put a name on opinions

May 15, 2013 

Someone reading our letters here and obviously disagreeing with our conservative views is writing anonymous letters and mailing them to our homes. He should sign his name when he wants to disagree with us.

And, as my anonymous "friend" tells me to "remove my conservative blinders," I'm reading the news about the IRS targeting conservative groups, I'm watching the ever-growing scandal on Benghazi, the butcher abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia. But he is still blaming President Bush for everything from the Islamic attacks in Boston to abortion hacks.

It belongs to President Obama now, and he has tripled the national debt, broken every campaign promise he made, shoved the Affordable Care Act down our throats, which even now the Democrats are finding is not so affordable. His government is running amok, and it is running all over us.

Obama and Hillary Clinton are complicit in lies and coverups, and this administration is now using the powerful IRS to harass the conservatives.

If the anonymous letter writer doesn't think this is a problem, then he is the blind one. And if he doesn't have the nerve to own up to his convictions and sign his name, then he shouldn't denigrate ours with the cowardly letters to our homes.

Kathy Craig

New Baden

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