Where the Gosnell case leads

May 15, 2013 

The evidence in the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, accused of murdering seven infants and a mother, triggered investigations in six states including Illinois.

Dennis Byrne's op-ed in the Chicago Tribune on April 23 released this expose: Illinois doesn't keep records of infants born alive during abortion. according to the Illinois Department of Public Health spokeswoman. Amazingly an Associated Press investigation found that Illinois abortion clinics hadn't been inspected for up to 15 years before the Gosnell case and then the health department acted.

The state's nine pregnancy termination special centers do surgical abortions up to 18 weeks gestation; two clinics were temporarily closed for violating health, safety and welfare.

Worse: The Women's Aid Clinic of Lincolnwood failed to perform required post-surgical CPR on a dying patient. That clinic and the Northern Illinois Women's Center surrendered their licenses in 2012. Tonya Reeves in 2012 died from a uterine perforation in a Planned Parenthood office in Chicago.

The Pro Life League and Thomas Moore Society lawyers filled a complaint Feb. 7, 2012. It disappeared in Chicago's bureaucratic black hole.

Planned Parenthood clinics under the law are defined as doctor's offices and regulated by the Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulation.

Who will speak for the right to life of babies and their mothers, the millions of women who through botched abortions became sterile (statistically 10 percent) or suffered serious infections? Jesus forgives repenting sinners of abortion; Mother Nature doesn't forgive the destruction of our greatest natural resource, our children.

Esther Koch

President, Clinton County Citizens for Life Breese

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