Faith that Chicago politicians will mess up concealed carry

May 16, 2013 

Gov. Pat Quinn, House speaker Mike Madigan, the Senate president and Attorney General Lisa Madigan, all Chicago Democrats, should by now have figured it is time to pull their heads out of their posteriors and try reviewing the facts.

They claim Illinois has the right to harsh concealed carry since the Supreme Court declined to hear the New York case. Well, they have refused to hear anymore of Illinois' cases, either.

The federal Court of Appeals gave Illinois politicians until June 9 to have a concealed carry law that passes their court's views. Well, our one-third of Chicago liberal Democrats still want their way. The only problem is the House was four votes short of the two-thirds majority for "shall issue" and few restrictions.

The almost two-thirds of House Democrats and a few GOP members have said that we will have what we want for a change or no law will be passed and the court will rule on all carry allowed. Well, it is up to the liberal loonies from Chicago now. Their one-third can hold everything up and have no restrictions issued by tthe court or follow the overwhelming will of the voters from Illinois and pass a simple concealed carry with a few reasonable restrictions.

I have utter faith in them refusing and going with the court order.

Remember, anytime you hear President Obama, Sen. Dick Durbin or any Democrat from Illinois talking about the will of voters being stopped by a few individuals in power, take a good look at their actions in Illinois.

Bob Dagner


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