At a glance: Illinois' medical marijuana bill

May 17, 2013 


* Would allow 22 state-licensed growers (1 per State Police district).

* Would allow 60 dispensaries.

* Allows patients up to 2.5 ounces every two weeks.

* Safeguards include a verification system, registration ID cards and written certification from doctors who have long-term relationships with patients.

* Restricts use in public, in vehicles, in the presence of minors and near school grounds.

* Supported by 250 Illinois physicians and other medical providers.


* Cancer

* Glaucoma

* HIV and AIDS

* Hepatitis C

* ALS -- Lou Gehrig's Disease

* Crohn's

* Alzheimers

* Muscular dystrophy

* Severe fibromyalgia

* Spinal cord disease

* Arachnoiditis

* Tarlov cysts

* Hydromyelia

* Syringomyelia

* Rhematoid arthritis

* Fibrous dysplasia

* Spinal cord injury

* Traumatic brain injury

* Post-concussion syndrome

* Multiple sclerosis

* Arnold-Chiari malformation

* Spinocerebellar ataxia

* Parkinson's

* Tourette's

* Myoclonus

* Dystonia

* Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

* Complex regional pain syndromes, causalgia

* Neurofibromatosis

* Chronic inflammatory demyelinating

* Polyneuropathy

* Sjogren's Syndrome

* Lupus

* Interstitial

* Myasthenia Gravis

* Hydrocephalus

* Nail-Patella Syndrome

* Residual limb pain

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