Art on the Square benefits Belleville

May 17, 2013 

"Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life." --Pablo Picasso

It's hard to believe it has been 12 years since Art of the Square in Belleville first delighted the area with some of the best national and international artists. The show was great from the start and it just keeps getting better.

Thousands of people will spend this weekend oohing and ahhing over paintings, pottery and other creative expressions. Children will get a chance to make their own art in a special area dedicated to them. Metro-east students also learn from show participants, as happened this week in O'Fallon when Israeli artist Yoram Gal visited junior high classes.

Other touches of Art on the Square remain year round. Since 2007, more than 20 sculptures have been donated to the city through the show's Sculpture in the City program. The downtown's renaissance and snazzy streetscape were inspired in part by the show. Proceeds from this year's poster will help fund the renovation of the centerpiece of Art on the Square, the Veterans Memorial Fountain.

Thanks to the artists, organizers and volunteers who consistently make Art on the Square a highlight of the year; Belleville is so much better for having this event.

Enjoy the show.

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