Keep telling it like it is

May 17, 2013 

I was glad to see Leon Anderson's letter last Saturday, coming forward with the courage to tell it like it is and reflect reality even in spite of who may not like whatever is said.

Anderson courageously stated his convictions regarding race relations even if letter writer Frankie Seaberry labels him as a racist. Anderson is also right about letter writer Jim Walters, whose writings usually range anywhere from inane to insane.

Anderson brought out how, even with billions of dollars spent to help minority groups improve their lot, we now have a higher black crime rate, more black people on welfare than ever before and a multitude of black children with no fathers.

In communities where black people have become the dominant population, the crime rate has had a tendency to increase. Consequently, is it any wonder that Caucasians (and other races, too) do not want to live in those communities?

Ironically, when Anderson's letter was printed, there was front-page news of an East St. Louis police detective and six others charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine. East St. Louis is a predominantly black city. East St. Louis was once recognized as an All-America City, but it would never achieve that status now.

In reference to minority groups taking advantage and gaining priorities over white people (even when less qualified), I will venture to say that it is going to get worse as time goes on. That is the trend according to present indications.

Frank B. Austin