Lessons from Lindenwood

May 18, 2013 

Lindenwood University could give Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert and St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern lessons on how to manage money.

Lindenwood University comes to Belleville and buys a multi-million dollar school system for $1 and then makes Belleville pay Lindenwood $115,000, supposedly to fix the tennis courts. Then they have Eckert have a black church condemned so Lindenwood can buy it cheap. Next they sell a part of the school property they bought for a $1 to the state crime lab for $85,000 and the mayor gave them (free) a piece of Belleville property so they could use it as another parking lot between the 29th Street railroad tracks and 2400 W. Main St., where a hobby shop used to be.

They also bought a bunch of private homes whose owners thought they better sell or the city would try to have their houses condemned or harassed in some way.

Leonard "Bud" Argus Jr.


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