Quit stalling and comply with concealed carry

May 18, 2013 

Enough already. Now the bunch of loonies in Springfield and Chicago want to base concealed carry on whether a citizen is of "good moral character" (who knows what that means?) and has a "proper reason" to want to carry a concealed weapon. First, as to good moral character, how should we verify this? Ask for a letter of recommendation from former governor Rod Blagovoich or one of half a dozen former police officers from the metro-east\, or perhaps from our former Madison County treasurer?

As to proper reason, I have only one answer to that question: because my Constitution says that it is my right to "keep and to bear arms." What other reason should I need? If any of the bureaucrats in our state government can't understand plain English, I will be glad to translate for them.

The looniest suggestion of all is to designate home rule cities to establish their own criteria for concealed carry. Fantastic. Traveling from Southern Illinois to Chicago, a person might pass through 100 different cities, each with its own version of good moral character and proper reason. Stepping over a line in the sand might make a felon out of an otherwise good citizen.

It is way past time for the legislature to get off its bureaucratic duff and pass legislation to comply with the federal court's order and join 49 other states in complying with the U.S. Constitution. Clear enough?

Jack Kime


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