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May 18, 2013 

l compelled to comment and offer the BND a suggestion for its letters section. First the comments:

Regarding a letter May 10 from Frankie Seaberry: The president promised lower unemployment by 2010 after the 2009 stimulus and also to end the wars overseas, no one else. Oh, by the way of evil rich folks, Democrat Al Gore had a 2 percent stake in Halliburton in its heyday. And what about his multi-million dollar profit from Al Jazerra? What did that do for the poor? Doesn't fit her agenda, does it?

Regarding Gene Robke's letter May 12: With his own words he blows the tread off his GOP criticisms. His numbers on GE are mostly correct. In fact, I'll add that more than 50 percent of GE operations are overseas. However, he apparently doesn't want to admit that corporate tax cheat and CEO Jeffrey Immelt is not a Republican but one of President Obama's biggest supporters who sits as an advisor to the president. Oops.

To the BND I kindly suggest printing only letters that pertain to newspaper headlines within the past 48 hours. Enough of the rambling and ranting by the left- and right-wing Kool-Aid drinkers. Such a policy could make the section more relevant, credible and worthwhile. If ideologues want to rant and rave, they should take a soapbox out to the town square. In that I'd support them 100 percent. Rant! Rant! Rant! I might show up. I might even laugh.

Mars Eghigian


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