Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

May 19, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions in the metro-east, including St. Clair and Madison counties:



* 2019 Centerville Ave.; from Keith Schopp and Bruce Schopp; to Brian Kelly and Cynthia Kelly; $33,000.

* 1331 Klee St.; from Rhett Owen; to William Chapman II; $45,000.

* 609 E. Garfield St.; from Bat Holdings Two LLC; to Wayne E. Wolf Jr. and Beth Wolf; $23,000.

* 106 Oakview Drive; from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Patrick Brydon and Kelleen Stokes; $26,000.

* 831 S. Belt West; from Larry A. Schwaegel and Margaret Ann Schwaegel; to Luis Frausto; $23,000.

* 3208 Hunters Way; from Melong Dawn Flores, Brenna Kay Webber, Gloria Deanne Lima, Minden William Detgren; to Eric M. Crain; $172,000.

* 2040 Camrose Green; from Mary M. Deterding; to Robert E. Woodard; $127,000.

* 2660 Cheyenne Wells Drive; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Richard Cosey Jr. and Doris Cosey; $153,000.

* 3277 Brookstone Court; from Rachael A. Williams; to Jerry Radcliffe and Lisa Radcliffe; $160,000.

* 2134 E. State Route 15; from Lynda Williamson; to David Thomas; $179,000.

* 8 Hilldale Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Charles H. Cory; $45,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 859 Wilshire Drive; from Taryn F. Riley; to Kara L. Stewart; $58,000.

*29 Lakeshore Drive; from Vincent H. Wobbe and Mary J. Wobbe; to Mollie Meldrum; $100,000.

* 801 Hampton Court; from Christopher Egan; to Linda Weber and Gary Weber; $90,000.

* 104 E. Caroline St.; from Amy Jo Sleeter; to Henry Waller; $10,000.

* 331 N. 43rd St.; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to B & T Building Concepts Inc.; $36,500.

* 110 S. 19th St.; from Regions Bank; to Scott Kronenberger; $12,500.

* 1717 W. Belle St.; from Helen B. Gall; to Saliwe M. Kawewe; $25,000.

* 1 Stratford Way; from Matthew W. Rogers; to Robert P. McCammon; $74,000.

* 15 Dale Allen Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Gerard M. Gundlach; $37,100 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 306 St. John Drive; from Brian Hernandez and Charlene Hernandez; to Tamala Malone; $6,000.

* 104 Leonard Drive; from Great Southern Bank; to Daniel Asberry; $6,000.

* 2015 Delores St.; from Kenneth D. Kimball II and Marjorie Kimball; to Eric Knaust; $10,000.

* 38 Agnes Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Robinson Realty LLC; $7,500, no stamps given.

* 449 Jerome Lane; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Dalnisha Wolbert; $13,000, no stamps given.

* 735 St. Martin Drive, 109 St. Barbara Lane, 121 Kenneth Ave.; from Johnnie E. Hearty Jr.; to Robinson Realty LLC; $60,000.

* 708 Mildred Ave.; from Clint Forsythe; to Robinson Realty LLC; $25,000.

* 1320 Williams St.; from Terra Dominus LLC; to Pacer Cap LLC; $26,000.


* 116 Southwood Trace; from Ryan R. Kohler and Jenny R. Kohler; to Leslie Ann Lindauer; $200,000.


* 2501 N. 39th St.; from First Collinsville Bank; to Sean Turner and Heidi Turner; $8,000.

* 8833 Garden Ave.; from Mary Jo Rosecan, Trustee; to Douglas H. Berning and Rasalie Berning; $4,000.

* 8824 Garden Ave.; from Mary Jo Rosecan, Trustee; to Ernest Jordan; $4,000.

* 2537 Waverly Ave.; from Dennis P. Schenk; to Mekort Development Inc.; $5,000.

* 106 Dorcas Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Robinson Realty LLC; $15,000, no stamps given.


* 4504 Cookson Road; from First Collinsville Bank; to Sean Turner and Heidi Turner; $12,000.


* 9609 Mark Trail; from CR Captial Group LLC; to Don Owens and Helena Owens; $25,000.

* 867 Harbor Woods Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois Inc.; to William D. Amos and Linda D. Amos; $142,000.

* 35 Roselawn Ave.; from Prairie State Properties LLC; to Home Builders Assoc. of Greater Southwest Illinois; $18,500.


* 2 North Potter St.; from James D. Thoma; to Dennis L. Thoma and Amy L. Thoma; $65,000.

* 227 Alamosa Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Jennifer B. Luchtefeld; $76,200 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 830 Scott Troy Road; from William J. Peach and Carol S. Peach; to Douglas M. Simmers and Kari A. Simmers; $160,000.

* 10955 Upland Terrace Drive; from Mark Schaefer; to Kyle Janssen; $101,000.


* 640 Pickneyville Road; from The Village Bank; to James D. Donahue; $45,000.


* 20 E. George St.; from Citizens Community Bank; to Ryan D. Roehrig; $50,000.

* 415 Turquoise Court; from CNR Inc.; to Matthew Reinhardt and Aviva Reinhardt; $195,000.


* 2457 Saeger Road; from Frederick Edward Frees; to Kevin D. Walk; $240,000.


* 1216 Ruppel Lane; from Mary F. Carbello; to Michael R. Suberly and Michelle M. Suberly; $285,000.

* 4901 Bristol Hill Drive; from Southern Illinois Land Investments Inc.; to D & F Contracting Inc.; $35,000.

* 830 Cardiff Court; from Matthew J.Dreier and Tammi Dreier; to James R. Stover and Angela R. Stover; $335,000.

* 230 Peoria Lane; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Sherri L. Beck; $329,500.

* 716 Country Oaks Lane; from Robert E. Blackburn and Marylin B. Blackburn; to Jimel Enterprises LLC; $77,500.

* 1525 N. Smiley St.; from Taylor Stooke and Lena Stooke; to Nicholas E. Schmidt; $150,000.

* 1405 Victorial Square Court; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Nicholas G. Cervantes; $186,500.

* 367 Tamarack Lane; from Tatum A. Hackney; to Albert A. Anderson Revocable Trust; $269,000.

* 220 Mylaun Drive; from Lillian M. Woodcock; to Deborah Byrd; $55,000.

* 1428 Clifton Way Court; from Southern Illinois Land Invesstments LLC; to Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; $36,500.


* 2570 London Lane; from TTW LLC; t Charles Bryan and Jennifer Bryan; $224,000.

* 330 Berwick Crossing; from CNR Inc.; to Ray McCausland and Tina McCausland; $260,000.

* 969 Holyoke Drive; from Michael A. Knop and Megan K. Knop; to James Pratt; $143,500.


* 224 N. Smith St.; from Michael Belfield and Jennifer Belfield; to Dawn Holliday; $76,000.

* 2861 Floraville Road; from Estate of Arthur Schoen, Deceased; to Ryan C. Grohmann; $220,000.


* 3524 Sarah Lane; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Laurentine Owens; $286,000.

* 129 Big Bend Blvd.; from Donald R. Van Dine and Amelita P. Van Dine; to Kristin J. Rodriguez; $146,500.



* 2425 Gayle Ave.; from Richard B. Sebold II and Jennifer L. Sebold; to Bruce Boyer and Sheryl Boyer; $157,000.

* 3277 Hawthorne Blvd.; from Rita L. Love, Rita L. Shepperd; to Tanekia Smith; $50,000.

* 867 Marc Drive; from Terence C. Carmody and Dana R. Carmody; to Richard B. Sebold II and Jennifer L. Sebold; $231,000.

* 711 Reuter St.; from Kimberly M. Consiglio; to Aaron J. Smith; $67,000.


* 625 Prairie St. North; from Lawrence F. Militello and Margaret Ann Militello; to Randall Harrop and Melissa Harrop; $124,000.


* 1600 St. Louis Road; from Jo Anne Lemes and Eric Jey Lemes; to Levi Hausman and Amanda Burr; $127,000.

* 100 Kingsbury Court; from Curtis D. hoelscher, Chelsea Renee Camfield Hoelscher, Chelsea Renee Camfield, Chelsea Renee Hoelscher; to Luke Niebrugge and Maria Niebrugge; $102,000.


* 1046 Hillcrest Drive; from Dean M. Ruppert, Bennetta Michell Ruppert, Michelle Ruppert; to Alyssa Prie; $90,000.


* 695 Chancellor Drive; from Barbar J. Hedgeparth and Rober L. Hedgepath; to Robert Stephenson and Christy Stephenson; $202,000.

* 3935 Sequoia Drive; from James E. Schulz and Morgan P. Schulz; to John Pashea, Megan Pashea, Adam Washburn; $185,000.

* 357 Lake Drive East; from Gerhardt Homes Inc.; to Linda J. Moore and David C. Whited; $432,000.

* 8902 Maple Grove Road; from Melanie A. Kasson; to Blake A. Boyer and Cristina M. Caputo; $180,000.

* 620 Roosevelt Drive; from Anna Marie Holder, Anna Marie Holder Trust; to Deborah A. Richards; $135,000.

* 590 Westview Drive; from Frank P. Wood and Judith A. Wood; to Philip Callovini and Angela Callovini; $150,000.


* 244 Oakshire Drive East; Triple Crown Partners LLC; to Curtis Drew Hoelscher, Chelsea Renee Camfield Hoelscher, Chelsea Renee Camfield, Chelsea Renee Hoelscher; $273,000.

* 285 Westglen Drive; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Adam Wolfe; $129,000.

* 304 Aberdeen Drive; from Frank D. Bechtel and Karen S. Bechtel; to Anthony Venzon and Lisa Venzon; $255,000.


* 4810 Whitford Place; from Jeffrey J. Pfeifer and Sharon K. Pfeifer; to Jason Harper and Julie Harper; $165,000.


* 768 Chouteau; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Benny J. Green and Christine M. Green; $120,000.


* 261 Meyer Ave.; from William R. Kalish, Suzanne L. Darr, Suzanne Kalish; to William R. Kallish; $176,250 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 11360 Myer Road; from Gregory S. Gravlin and Sara A. Strubhart; to Gary L. Hanvey and Sharon L. Hanvey; $74,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 121 Throp St. West; from JGS Properties 49 LLC and JGS Properties Forty Nine LLC; to Michael Ninko and Deborah Lein; $100,000.

* 252 Sunnybrooke; from Joseph E. Osborn, Donald P. Osborn, Osborn Development; to Jason L. Askew; $39,000.


* 310 Central Ave.; Trevor R. Hart and Carolyn S. Hart; to Thomas A. Degrand Jr.; $75,500.

* 375 Central Ave.; from Terry L. Buchanan and Michele A. Buchanan; to Bruce Nohava and Lillina Nohava; $75,000.


* 7508 Pinnacle Drive; from Luther T. Allen and Dawn M. Allen; to Frank Adduci and Emilee Adduci; $207,000.



* 206 Longview Drive; from Donald D. Whitt and Karen F. Whitt; to Darrell Lee Howard Jr. and Kara M. Kahmke; $225,000.

* 420 E. Locust; from Kelly A. Wagner, Trustee and Kenneth Wagner, Trustee; to Kendra J. Belleville; $209,000.

* 2585 Ghent Road; from Nell M. Kuhn; to Jean A. Kirk and John N. Kirk; $228,000.

* 601 Briar Lake Place; from Flower & Fendler Inc.; to Laura Oberkfell and Mark Oberkfell; $280,000.

* 484 Terry Drive; from Laura Oberkfell and Mark W. Oberkfell; to Donald K. Folston; $216,000.

* 835 N. Briegel St.; from Jaime L. Grey, Jaime L. Haase, James N. Haase; to Nicole L. Dickneite and Jacob E. Dohrman; $104,000.


* 7061 LL Road; Angela M. Eschmann, Todd Eschmann, Todd A. Eschmann; to Michael A. Kern; $230,000.


* 229 W. Rose Lane; from Brenda J. Wackett and Michael R. Wackett; to Dawn Heilmann Gastro and Michael Gastro; $252,500.

* 824 Ridge Road; from Daniel J. Scott Jr. and S. Diane Scott; to JLP Construction Co.; $43,000.

* 418 Sandalwood Drive; from Patsy Burns, Patsy J. Burns, Lynn Goeddel, LynnE. Goeddel, Celeste Tichy, Celeste M. Tichy; to Charlotte R. Schmieg and Laverne H. Schmieg; $156,000.

* 315 Briarwood Drive; from Daniel L. Spickard and Stacey L. Spickard; to Chad E. McBride; $135,000.

* 306-308 W. Mill St.; from Russell A. Walster; to Jeremiah Allen and Melissa Allen; $125,000.

* 403 N. Moore St.; from Gladys Calvert, Co-Successor Trust, Anna Lenz, Co-Successor Trust, Richard Stillman Living Trust; to Brittney D.P. McBride and Shawn M. McBride, $128,000.

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