Sound-off 5/20

May 19, 2013 

The man who kidnapped the three girls in Ohio should be hung and left to die. However, I don't understand how they can charge him with murder because he forced abortions on the girls. More than 350,000 abortions are done every year and no one is charged with any crime. If it's murder for one person, it should be considered murder for everyone.

Skip the pension

Skip Kernan, recently elected as St. Clair Township highway commissioner, first voted to allow part-time trustees to join the pension system as a trustee in Swansea. Eight years later he saw the error of his ways and voted to end the pension benefit, but only after he had collected eight years of pension service time. How can he redeem himself in the eyes of the public? There a simple solution. He can choose to not join the pension in this new office and stay out of the pension system until he completes eight years of service with the township.

Catholic disaster

I consider the conditions in the Belleville Diocese to be a disaster and a near complete failure of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. I've been a lifelong Catholic but it seems clear to me that they don't know what they are doing and unless the idea is to close all the churches and have everybody attend the Cathedral so they can get more money, I have no idea why they are doing things. I visited a comparably sized city in Florida that recently completed a $23 million church improvement project. The Cathedral cannot even get $100,000 to refurbish the place. Regarding the shortage of priests, the Catholic Church does a very bad job of recruiting. It has to advertise and present a good alternative lifestyle. Unless the church learns how to do that, it will fail the laity as a whole.

What about bailout?

We have no jobs in this country and GM is building a $1.3 billion plant in Shanghai that will be making 150,000 Cadillacs a year. We need to call our congressmen and writing GM about this slap in the face. Didn't we, the tax-payers, bail out GM?

Yes, Obama knew

Forget about the color of the president's skin or that he's a Democrat. Look at all the scandals that have been in his administration and now we have the IRS targeting conservative groups. Does anybody really believe that President Obama didn't know anything about it or that it wasn't orchestrated by someone from the White House? If you believe that, you probably believe President Nixon had nothing to do with Watergate, too.

Fuzzy focus

The BND two-page feature highlighting the activities of our humble elected public servants in Springfield was a real eye-opener. Forget that the state has a $100 billion unfunded pension liability or that a federal court order requiring the state to pass a concealed carry law must be met. No, there are far more important laws that will get you arrested for smoking on college campuses, tanning under the age of 18, not reporting bullying to the hotline, denying the homeless their rights, etc.

Glad for positive view

Congratulations on the BND editorial on May 13 regarding St. Clair County State's Attorney Brendan Kelly. We so often hear bad things about our county officials that it's nice to read something good. Kelly really seems to be doing the best he can, his ideas are creative. I just hope he keeps going and doesn't get discouraged.

Tainted by bad apples

Pertaining to the East St. Louis police officers who went to jail for the drug charges, not all police officers in the city are bad but the few who are have been picking the pockets of drug dealers for a long time. The mayor tries to look like he's outraged but corruption starts at the top and trickles down through the departments.

Start naming names

I read with concern the way the teachers in Illinois are continually being attacked for the problems with the pension system. It is not them but rather our elected legislators who created this mess. Why has no one taken the stand to identify each and every elected official who served from 1990 when this mess began to the present? Ask them why they didn't do what they were elected to do. There is something terribly wrong when you go after educators who did what they were supposed to do, played by the rules and are now being set up in the crosshairs.

Waiting for 'no knock'

As a resident of Fairview Heights I was thrilled that the city was going to pass an ordinance for "no knock" legislation. This would enable a homeowner to sign up on a list that would prohibit anyone from knocking on their door. It is much the same as the "no call" list. I do not wish to be bothered by anyone; having a stranger on my property and at my door scares me. It is amazing that this sensible safety information is taking so long to be enacted.

No cheering in golf

What happened recently in the Players' Golf Tournament between Tiger Woods and another player is just proof how stupid pro golf is. A player with a golf club that is no more than a stick with a Mini Cooper on the end of it is trying to hit a ball that is setting stationery on a 2-inch pedestal and he must have complete silence. Yet, you have a baseball player using a cylinder trying to squarely hit a sphere coming at him at 90 miles an hour and moving all over the place and 40,000 people are screaming and waving all kinds of objects. Now I ask you, which takes more concentration?

Ebsen monument?

I know I am not the only one who finds that atrocious big red shoe sculpture downtown ugly and an eyesore. I have seen a few letters about it here as well. Let's start a petition to place a monument to Buddy Ebsen or another famed Bellevillian. Join the Facebook page "Bellevillians Against the Big Red Shoe" today.

Enjoyed the express

I recently took the Redbird Express from St. Clair Square to Busch Stadium and back to watch our beloved St. Louis Cardinals play a day game. Other than that the home team lost, it was a great trip, just as advertised. There were no long lines for tickets, no waiting at either end, free parking, no standing in the aisles, air-conditioned comfort, plenty of security at both ends, and all for just $5 roundtrip. I just wanted to thank all the taxpayers who subsidized my trip. Surely the actual cost of the trip is two or three times more than what each rider paid. I'm sure the St. Clair County Transit District doesn't just provide this service out of the kindness of their hearts.

Quinn's job cuts

Gov. Pat Quinn was only 50 miles away from Murray Center in Centralia, where he is evicting more than 250 residents from their home. He never has come to visit this home and meet these residents. He also said the answer is j-o-b-s. What about the 560 j-o-b-s that will be lost if the planned closure occurs?

Dig deeper

Concerning the discrimination in the St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Department, I urge the BND to dig deeper. I believe that political affiliation is taken into account as well. I challenge someone to see if anyone other than Democrats are working at the courthouse. Hard to believe that in 2013 this could be happening, but I believe it is true.

House doesn't fit

The Catholic bishop's house in Belleville is already outpriced for the neighborhood it is in. To spend more than $200,000 at least on renovations when the rest of the houses in your neighborhood aren't valued at more that $100,00 sounds foolish to me. One and two blocks over there are lots of empty houses.

Lady Lynx overlooked

Lindenwood University in Belleville's Lady Lynx softball team won the USCAA National Championship yesterday in Akron OH. Where is your news report?

Drum out the bands

Wasn't I just overjoyed to read in the paper that, due to the sequester, the Air Force bands will be making more local performances? Such a positive spin you have placed on what should be considered a national disgrace. Meanwhile, we federal employees get 11 days off with no pay. That also means decreased contributions to our retirement funds and fewer hours accrued for vacation and sick days. All the while our expenses stay the same, including health insurance premiums. Maybe a more appropriate story would have been about the cost of all the military bands and how much money could have been saved by eliminating all of them. They are nothing but an unnecessary expense.

In a different world

I just heard on the news that the Consumer Price Index fell this past month, led by gasoline prices falling 8 percent. I don't know where the government is doing their survey but they're certainly not doing it in the St. Louis metro area. The price of gas goes up every day and the government tells us there's no inflation. Why do we listen to this administration that spits out anything they want us to believe? The problem is that most people believe it.

Discrimination lesson

I hope the front-page article on Debra Moore, director of the St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Department, will finally put to rest the constant complaints about discrimination and how blacks are never hired to fill high-paying jobs. St. Clair County could lose all the federal money for a jobs training program because the state said her department discriminated against disabled people.

County complaints

People are up in arms about Debra Moore and the abusive treatment she gave to a person who blew the whistle on her. However, she's not alone at the county in treating people and taxpaying public like trash as I experienced in another agency last week. Unless you are willing to complain, what else can you do about it?

Population update

The Illinois Department of Transportation can change the population sign going to East St. Louis now that the election is over. The city lost more than 4,000 in population in the last 10years so it's 27,000, not 31,000.

Food jobs aren't easy

A commenter said it would be ridiculous for fast food workers to make more than $10 an hour because they need no training to do their jobs. Really? I'm guessing this person is a union worker who made a lot of money for things that he did that didn't require a lot of training. How much training was required to be a hod carrier for the bricklayers? Not much, yet, they got a lot of money to do that job. Could the caller even operate the cash register in this day and age? So he should not comment about the stress fast food workers have to deal with.

Mixed-up priorities

I'm driving behind a car that has a decal for the Emge School track team. Give me a break. Our schools are in distress financially but they still have enough money to support track at the grade school level?

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