Breese bottler will offer new beers

News-DemocratMay 19, 2013 

Excel Bottling Co. has announced plans the release of two new beers by the Memorial Day weekend.

Excel, which is the bottler of Ski and makers of an assortment of other sugar cane-flavored soft drinks, began brewing beer last fall. The company will unveil their two newest brews, Carlyle Lake Lager and Excel Citra, this weekend. These new brews are the fourth and fifth labels under Excel Brewery since its launch in October 2012.

The Breese company has been bottling and manufacturing soda since 1936.

Hippie Daze is a new retail shop in Belleville that sells tie-dyed T-shirts, posters, incense and other hippie-influenced merchandise. You can find them at 1508 West Blvd. or call 277-DAZE (3293) for more information.

Robert Cardona has changed the name of his electronics recycling service in Belleville. Formerly known as E-Scrap Plus, the business is been renamed J&C-E-Recycling and is still located at 621 Atlanta Drive. The new business is registered with the EPA and purchases computers, servers, cell phones, wire, aluminum, copper, brass, steel, appliances, electronic motors, batteries and just about anything else that has an electrical cord. They still charge for monitors and TVs -- any screen less that 19 inches is $5 and any screen more than 19 inches is $10. To find out more, call 233-5009.

And finally, a new bicycle taxi service has been launched in downtown Belleville. Proprietor Duncan Sewell has created Belleville Bike Taxi -- a bright red, three-wheeled bike that Sewell pedals to transport up to five passengers throughout downtown during the spring and summer festivals. The fare is $3 per mile for the first person and $2 per mile for each additional rider. For any distance under a mile, passengers will be charged $2. For more information, call 203-1090 or visit Belleville Bike Taxi on Facebook.

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