Wild West exists in Chicago

May 20, 2013 

The left cannot do or say anything unless they get it wrong. Every Democrat I talk with, or hear, is operating on incorrect information.

From guns to taxes to schools to work to the military and foreign policy, their blathering on about this and that, frustrates me to no end, as everything they say and believe is wrong, and dangerously wrong.

And now comes the sheriff of Cook County, who thinks if we get concealed carry, we will become the Wild West. Funny, the sheriff of Cook County, not unlike the sheriff of Nottingham, has the lowest opinion of Illinoisans. No other state with armed, honest citizens has descended into shooting melees, so why do Democrats think Illinoisans are so much more incompetent than the residents of other states?

There was no Wild West; that is a creation of Hollywood's imagination. In fact, western sheriffs often looked to the armed citizenry to help keep the peace. Even more interesting, the first high-capacity revolver (the six-shooter) was called -- ready for this? -- the Colt Peacemaker. The West was tamed with high-capacity revolvers and high=capacity Winchester repeating rifles in the hands of honest citizens.

In fact. if honest citizens didn't carry, the criminal element would have terrorized the Western towns forever, making their communities and homes unsafe, uncivilized and unsettled.

Wait a minute, isn't that how Chicago and Cook County are today, unevolved and unsafe?

I think the sheriff has put his hoof in his mouth.

Adrian P. Heuermann


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