That why it's called 'Opinions'

May 20, 2013 

Regarding a recent letter from Frank B. Austin: I, too, received an anonymous letter responding to my letter in the BND. Mine said that basically that I need to get my facts straight because everything I wrote was a bunch of lies.

I am a Republican. I do look things up and I believe in what I am writing about, besides which they are just opinions. If the person doesn't like what we are saying, that's his problem. I am also willing to debate on things. I will even look things up, video and such to send to anyone.

I have also found out with some friends over the past few weeks or so just how Obamacare is already working for them. One said she got a letter in the mail that her premiums were going up from about $100 to $500 to $600 a month. Another was having the same problem. They aren't going to be able to afford to keep the insurance they have already.

President Obama said many times that people could keep the insurance they already have. I think he meant they could keep it if they could afford it. When it goes up so much all at once, how many people will be able to afford to keep it?

We will see how it goes. I believe the CBO was right, there are going to be more people out there with no insurance than people think.

I wonder how doctors will deal with Obamacare running their offices? Will they stop taking patients on Medicaid? Many doctors already have.

Lori Felts


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